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About Us

We’re working hard at getting our site all ready for production and to get our flavours on your shelves!  

It began with two friends who night after night would be in the kitchen trying to find new and exciting flavours.  It started small and was just a hobby that allowed us to gather, laugh, and let loose – it then grew into a passion that we want to share with you! 

Stubble Jumper Distillery is locally owned and operated based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

New Flavours

We pride ourselves in having innovative flavours that will elevate your drink to the next level!  We're always looking for new and exciting ideas that will titillate your taste Buds! 

Our History

It started in the kitchen, and now we're here! It's been a long and bumpy ride to get here, but we're working around the clock to get it all ready for you!

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Curbside Pickup

We offer no-touch curbsite pickup


Same day delivery within Saskatoon 

( minimum quantities apply)


You’ll be able to find us at your local SLGA!